All My Love Is For You.
Hi strangers! Welcome to my page, I hope you like it.
My name's Serena, I'm 17 and from Italy.
Since I knew KPOP my life has been ruined. The culprits are Girls' Generation, which have become part of my life without warning me(?) As you can see, I'm a SONE and I don't like to declare that I belong to more than one fandom, but this doesn't deny that I don't like the other groups, in fact I love BAP, EvoL, BIGBANG, 2NE1, SHINee, TVXQ (DBSK), and many others.
I also like rock and other types of music that I'm not here to list you or I'll never finish the biography. Finally I like read fantasy books, manga and watch anime.
If you wish, ask me whatever you want c:
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Anonimo asked: Serena, twerka, plis.


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